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Beyond The Arena | April 1, 2015

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Chris Paul: The True Point Guard

Chris Paul: The True Point Guard

Wesley Rimpson | On 11, Jan 2013

For the past couple of years I have heard many debates on who is the best point guard in the NBA. Some people say Derrick Rose is the best because of his ability to lead his team with the best record for the last two seasons, winning MVP and his ability to create his own shot at anytime by getting to the rim. Others call on Rajon Rondo for his extraordinary passes around defenders and through them it seems like as they perfectly connect with his teammate. Even Deron Williams with his ability to catch fire and shoot the lights out in games. Tony Parker with his quickness and agility to move across the floor finding open teammates and the basket. And now making his argument sometimes, you have Russell Westbrook with his lighting speed and spectacular leaping abilities.


All of these players in my book are great point guards but without a doubt the best point guard in the NBA is Chris Paul.


Chris Paul in my opinion has changed the way we view a superstar caliber player in the NBA. Many people believe a superstar is not just helping your team win but making the guys around you better. Chris Paul maybe arguably the best true point guard to ever play in the NBA. I know there were guys before him that were amazing athletes and even better scorers at the position, but what CP3 brings to the Clippers is something that other superstars are still trying to bring today. Now Paul had an amazing run a few seasons ago with the New Orleans Hornets. He finished second in the MVP race behind Kobe Bryant and led his team to the Western Conference Finals where they lost to the Lakers. Paul always shown the ability to score and be the leader on his team. However, after that year it seemed as if Paul fell off. I believed Chris Paul was one of the best players in the NBA but we couldn’t see it with the team the Hornets had after that remarkable season they put together. Today Paul is my leading candidate for MVP by far because what he brings to the Los Angeles Clippers.


The Clippers may have the best bench in the NBA because they have starters coming off the bench. However, if you take Chris Paul off of that team, they wouldn’t have the best record in the NBA. The way Paul is leading the Clippers it’s amazing in my opinion. It’s something special. Paul is finding a way to lead his club without dropping 40 points a game, without trying to do everything himself and without playing 40 minutes. Paul is leading by the only thing he knows how to do…. by being the leader, by being a coach on the floor, and by playing like a true point guard. Paul averages only 17 points per game with about 10 assists. He’s the second leading scorer on his team behind Blake Griffin.


I have watched the Clippers play many games this season. I have watched them completely blow teams out of the gym. I have watched as Chris Paul would look at Coach Vinny Del Negro to say I’m finished in the beginning of the fourth quarter because it was enough. The Clippers can blow teams out and win the close games because of Paul. The game verse the Lakers, Paul made crucial baskets to keep the lead. Down the final stretch and seconds of the game, he showed his ability to finish games. That’s the scary part. My basketball coach told me don’t believe in the hype of a team that just blows everyone out because when they actually get tested they might now know how to win the close games when the pressure arrives. The Clippers showed this season against tough teams that they could blow you out and win the close games and its because of the killer instinct Chris Paul possess.


Paul is having an MVP season this year because he is able to lead his team his way. Paul always controls the game. He picks when he needs to score and when he needs to get some else involved. He is second in assists per game, first in steals and first in assists per turnover ratio. LeBron James and Kevin Durant are now trying to find ways to lead their teams the same way Paul has been leading his. Today in the NBA superstars are now realizing that you can’t win by yourself every game. Sure some games you can drop fifty points and win it for your club but your not going to be able to do that every night and still win the game. Look at Kobe for example; the Lakers are 0-4 when he scores more than 40 points. When he scores 30 or more they are 1-10. The Lakers are 8-3 when he scores below 30. Scoring a bunch points is becoming overrated in the NBA because with these teams that are so deep one player just can’t keep up.


Paul is leading his team with the best record in the NBA, not by scoring a bunch of points but by being the ultimate team player and playing the point guard position like its supposed to be played. Chris Paul is the true point guard!


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